Bad Days

bad day two

Everyone has these days from time to time. Some people even more often than others. I am talking about those days when you just wish that you could go back to bed; wake up again and start the day anew. It gets so intense sometimes that it makes the hardcore want to cry. Picture this, it is raining; you are running late; your car won’t start and the public transport people are on strike.bad day Or imagine this, you get into a fight with your spouse; you forget your important presentation at home; you get sad news that your favorite uncle passed away but your boss doesn’t care and you still get that stupid written warning. WTF!! How do you stay positive throughout the day? How do you continue to smile and live through the looong lousy 24hrs? One can begin to speculate that you have woken up with an overly mischievous leprechaun on your shoulder that drains all your good luck and controls the way you react to the situation.
lolThey are just sitting there, grinning from ear to ear like a Cheshire cat. They make you see red and it just becomes a domino effect; one bad event leading to another…and another.

Well this is what keeps me from crawling under a rock and staying there or wailing out like a baby

 1. Take deep calming breaths. Yes you have to “Woosa” that sh*t. People usually don’t think rationally when they panic and end up doing or saying things they will damn right regret.

woosa2. Close my eyes and imagine. Imagine that I am in a world with no rules, boundaries or limitations. Your car won’t start,  so what? You can fly, man. Well it is usually something silly and impossible, so it most definitely will help you smile.

bad day 4

    3. Call or talk to someone who has that God-given talent of always making you smile or laugh. I always call home and talk my two year old daughter. She usually brings the smile back.

bad da call

      4. Make up a mantra for yourself. Simple words that you truly believe in. Repeat them a few times and let them actually change the way you feeling. And remember that a day only has 24hrs, they are bound to end some time.

  5.Listen to your favorite music! Whether it is Gospel and uplifting or one of these “KELIS-caught Out There” . I am a music lover and music helps me heal, cope and endure. I am not sure if it’s a fact but to me music is therapeutic, it whacks away all the stress I usually feel.

music bday

So that’s on my side. That’s what Lady Chi thinks can help lighten a Blue Monday.

What are some of your tricks of getting through the crappy days? Please comment below, I hope to find some more ideas.