It’s Finally Here!!!!

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It is that festive time of the year to reflect, appreciate, accept and march ahead.

REFLECT on the events that made your year. How the year started, how you grew and changed and if you accomplished what you had hoped you would.

APPRECIATE all your successes.  Everything you achieved. All the times you laughed, smiled, kissed or hugged someone, got patted on the back. Be grateful and say thank you. Give back to the community or some random acts of kindness. Try to remain in the good books to set you off into the new year.

ACCEPT your failure and critics and all the bad things that happened. I know you screamed in anger, cried your lungs out, locked yourself in your room, beat the daylights out of someone, whatever went wrong, accept that sh*t. No one has a perfect life. The struggle is real. We learn from challenges and become better people.

And Finally….Rock on into the New Year!!!!

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Christmas is meant to be a festive and joyous time; a final chance to end the year in good spirits. I shall share a few games that will cost you as little as zero pennies but will ensure much laughter and cheer during the holidays. It is a wise way to save more money on decent presents for friends and family and not necessarily on entertainment.

So here are three games that definitely add that magic touch to the Christmas cheer.

  1. Who’s wearing Santa’s hat?Santas Hat

This is a silly beyond silly game but it is awesome and super fun! All you need is a Santa hat. All you do is place it over one top corner of the television. Once this is done, all you have to do is to look out for when someone on the screen appears to be wearing the hat. Every time this happens, you can choose to cheer in different ways. For example, if you are a couple playing this game, every time you see someone wearing the hat you may kiss! If you are a bunch of jolly friends, you can choose to have shots instead. For family fun though, you can opt to share a candy cane or simply just a round of hugs. This game can be played for a day, a week or the whole holiday.

Recap of items required: 1 Santa hat

2 . A whole lot of liquor……or love.

  1. Dirty Santa

In this game, all players need to bring a wrapped gift to the party. Make sure that the gift is wrapped in such a way that nobody can guess what it is e.g. in a box. These gifts can be placed under the tree like normal gifts. Next, a person writes down numbers (according to number of the group) and places them in a bowl…folded and mixes well. Every player draws a paper. The player with the number 1 gets to pick a present first. The person with the number two is next to pick a gift. However #2  can either choose a gift from under the tree or steal the gift from the first person. And so the game continues, meaning that the last person can steal a gift from any of the other players. But if a gift is stolen three times, it has to be removed from the game. The game is more fun when the gifts are outrageously ridiculous! So go out and buy your worst. Have fun!

Recap: Needed items: 1. A wack present from everyone

Paper and a bowl

Xmas 23. Cheers to that!

Now we all know that nothing completes Christmas like a good old Christmas movie!! We have How the Grinch stole Christmas, A Christmas Carol, Elf and the list goes on. The game is simple, when the family and friends are all snuggled in to watch a beautiful movie, you decide on a word or phrase or action that every time you see or hear it, you have a cheers moment. Of course, if it is just the adults you can have glasses of beer or eggnog and wine. If there are children in the picture, then you can have juices. So for example, if you choose to watch the classic Home Alone movie, you could choose to have a “cheers moment” every time a bad guy has an accident. Or it could be every time you hear a Christmas song…its absolutely up to you.

Recap: Needed items: A good old classic Christmas movie 😉

So those are three games from me that won’t cost you much but will lighten your holiday spirits. Hope you have fun!! For more games and fun stuff just click HERE

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!