Rain Rain Go Away

Rain Rain Go Away

Come Again another day

Little children want to play

Rain Rain go away


There, we have been singing this song since we were knee high. And to be honest I still close my eyes and cross my fingers while singing this song to date. Yes, that is how much I hate the rain. I would rather walk in the blistering sun that be drenched to my under-garments on any given day. I hope this rainy season is over because I have had a lousy couple of days because of it. It wrecked havoc in my daily routine and I was not pleased.rain-731313__180 People say rain is a blessing from God? Okay, then why don’t you go and dance away right in the middle of it all; make sure you don’t miss a single drop of the blessing; instead of running your guts out to the nearest cover? It is a blessing, fine, but an entire week is way more than enough. I am out to prove a point. So I am going to make a list. The Pros and Cons off rain.


  • Farmers can have good harvest
  • Helps to reduce dust
  • Free water to wash bikes, bajajis (Uh yes, I know you have seen this too)
  • Free water for household use (I know the pain of having to buy buckets of water everyday)
  •  Electricity (Not sure, hydro-electricity?)
  • Given that your boss is an amazing person, you can get an excuse to work from home
  • Well let me just say “It’s baby making weather”


  • Floods
  • All construction projects come to a halt
  • Traffic
  • Clothes don’t dry
  • Moldy slippery surfaces
  • Outbreak of illnesses
  • Mud
  • Chance to open up sewage chambers, yay!
  • Embarrassing leaking houses
  • Things rot, man!
  • Mosquitoes
  • Power cuts

Well, that is my list. That is what Lady Chi thinks. What about you? Rain or Sunshine?

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