Hi, lovies. Hope you guys are good, hope you guys are all well.

Mother’s day is approaching, yay! It’s about that time again when we can solely celebrate our mothers, our sisters, ourselves and everyone else that appreciates us in all that we do as moms. We love our moms, we admire them and we eventually learn to never take them for granted.

So this had me thinking, as a mom; as a soon-to-be mom, as a one-day-yes mom (Direct translation from an African saying meaning aspiring to be a mom one day;-), what does this day mean to us? When you here that Mother’s Day is just around the corner, what do you look forward to?

I know we usually want it all, but what do you prefer the most. I have a little list below, please let me know. And if you prefer other things, please mention them in the comments too.


Mother 2