Tempting The Dark King (The Enchanted World Book 2)


The Enchanted World is a parallel universe from the human world as we know it. It has its realms and its species. Ever heard of the Nosferatu, the Jinn, or the Lycans? What about the Mage? The dark king Rhol of the Jinn, faces his toughest challenge yet…..bonding with his mate Lyrah, the sister of the Lord Mage who is not his enemy but not his friend either.  His of the darkness and she is of the light , how will this work out? And then comes the war with the dark entity, can he hold it together and not succumb to the darkness for good?

I still can not get over the level of creativity in this book series. Writers have a hard time creating characters, how does one bring to life an entire different world? An so perfectly? I enjoyed this book tremendously! It is captivating and so well penned that it had me skipping on chores and curling in my blanket all day. The correlation of the characters in all the high realms is perfectly detailed and the story flow is effortless.

What was a bit challenging for me was having to remember all the mentioned species and the king2different realms as well as the different traits and characteristics for each one. So as much as the species can be related to those from the human world, they have their unique names and have their unique abilities. As well, you need to be very keen to learn of the royal army and and the commanders and all that, so have very very good memory and reference skill. The novel as the first has some mature content, it has multiple steamy love-making scenes that to some readers may find offensive, but personally for me, it just added to the beauty of the novel.

The best quality of this novel is how the author @faddiemanzie, created a whole new world (I know, I can’t stop saying it). It is a beautiful love and war story and brilliant how two kings, who have never really seen eye to eye, are forced to work together and eventually come to see that other is not so bad. You can say that sometimes fate has a mean sense of humor when it comes to these two Kings. You never go two pages without smiling, laughing, getting angry or worried. Simply put, you become emotionally attached to all characters and you can even relate to some.

King Rhol of the Realm of the Dark knows of his mate but wants nothing to do with her but when she turns up unannounced on his doorstep he finds himself in a sticky situation. He has no use for a weakling like High Lady Lyrah and will not allow himself to turn soft because of her but little does he know that his little mate has surprises install for the both of them....

And of course for all the book lovers like me, I will really encourage you to check out wattpadit’s an awesome site with an endless supply of really good books of different genres. And it is totally free. So head on over and let me know what you think…