Looking into her eyes so soft and brown

How dare they say she can never make me proud

How does her femininity equal to failure

Because I knew she was a champion the moment I held her

A society that looks down on the African daughter

Is one stuck in that sad and foolish era ∴

afrA male is to security,certainty, strength and pride

Well, I saw that too when I called her mine

I learnt lessons as an African daughter too

That she can do anything and everything she wishes too

As long as she is not devalued and caged

Not having that binding deadly poison rushing in her veins

See, i don’t understand how the birth of the African daughter mirrors a funeral

The ancient and wrong mindsets are what deserve a burial ∞

In ten years, you envision your son on his graduationda

But in ten days you want your daughter’s wedding celebration

And she is younger than him, but it don’t matter to you

Though all you get is a weeping wife, and a happy member of your crew

What you don’t know is that it takes a real man to stand up to his friends

Let them know the love for his African daughter is to the very end.

You can’t render her useless and only good as someone’s wife

Your crippling her mind, she will never know where her destiny lies

f-n-dIt’s a spiritual death, her marriage is a sentence

And she will always look at you like an unforgivable menace

A monster to say the least

Ever heard of people’s extremes to find peace

A nightmare that will haunt you for not sparing a chance

When she learns to walk, you should be there to hold her hand

Urge her on and support her dreams

Show her she is a fighter, that she got your genes

She is after all the African daughter 

♥She is YOUR African Daughter♥