Hello people. Hope you are all well. People found something very funny today in the bus. I really don’t know how I feel about it.

I board the bus from the station (where the route begins). There are always so many carryingpeople that some stand from the beginning of the journey. The bus was packed with a few people standing as we rolled out. I was lucky enough to get a seat. At the first stop, more people enter the bus. A woman carrying a baby walks all the way up the aisle from the back (she boarded from the rear door of the bus). As per our tradition, I stood up so she could have my seat since she was carrying a baby. That is when I realized she had 4 other children with her. So there were these tiny people with her, the oldest of them being perhaps 7 years old and the youngest maybe 3. Good samaritans offered to carry the remaining children and we were on our way. A lady that was carry one of the children asked the mother, “Where are you getting off? We wouldn’t want you to forget any of your babies.”

And she replied with a polite smile, “Don’t worry, I won’t forget them.”

So, three stops later, the lady was getting off. Instead of using the front door of the bus (it was closer), she collects her four children and ushers them to the back of the bus. Out of concern, people tell her to use the front door. And she replies,

“No, I will exit through the back, the rest of my children are at the back.”

kidsYou can imagine. The whole bus was like, ‘what does she mean the rest of her children?’ We already saw that she has five. How many did she have? She had the whole bus turning their heads towards the back so we could see exactly how many children she had. And we see her exiting with 3 more tiny children. That’s when people laughed in amazement. She had 8 children, that is okay, that is normal I guess. What was baffling was the ages of these children. It seemed as though they had exactly a 9 month age gap between them. And no, there was no set of twins or triplets. It was interesting. While other people found it funny, I didn’t. I was actually a bit sad. From the way the children were dressed and the mom herself, you could tell that they were not well off at all. Is it that she had no education at all of birth control methods? Did the children have different fathers? I couldn’t help but wonder how it all came down to her situation. The things you see in on the bus……