Hi my lovies! Hope you guys are good, hope you guys are all well. Happy New Year’s to you! I hope you have all your New Year’s Resolutions sorted and you are starting the year with the right banging attitude and positivism. I know I am! Speaking of which, this here month of February is what you may call a dreaded month for some single people out there. And we all know why. It’s all about the Valentine’s Day jazz and all. I remember when this day came around when I was single, I used to want to hide under my bed for the whole day. But now that I am not single, honestly, I couldn’t care less about it. *sigh* Funny how times change. Buuuuut, for my awesome single people out there, here are some things I used to do to avoid that “I’m lonely” limbo…..



Music is what kept me company the whole day. Yes, music is your friend. And you can be into Hip Hop, R ‘n’ B, Rap, Gospel, Jazz, Reggae, Raggae or whatever is in between, just pile up some awesome tunes and sing to your soul’s content. Sometimes it’s all about the artist, if it’s Bey or John Legend or Taylor Swift, you can have a day with them. Music is really my medicine. When I feel sad, angry or disappointed, I let the artists and songs talk to me. Music pushes my reset button. So on Valentines Day, I will have my headphones blaring to my favorite jams like Will Smith’s Switch, and a whole lot of Jennifer Lopez, don’t forget tonnes of TLC! I would not even care about acting the fool in public. Every one is jolly anyway, and others might even join in my singing.


Yes, because we all know that this is where they go. Him, her and the third! Unless you want to treat yourself to a posh dinner, do not go anywhere near a restaurant. These are the cliche places that ALL couples will be.  You would rather just order your favorite food and just have a cozy night in or hang with other single friends at the beach or at the park or something. But definitely NO restaurants.


Everyone usually has something that they have always wanted to do but have never made time for it. And it’s always usually marred with excuse after excuse. Well now is your time. This Valentine’s Day, you have to quench your heart’s adventure desire. For instance, I have always wanted to take a cooking class with one of our chefs in the city I live in and my sister has always wanted to try out Rollerblading. You might want to go salsa dancing; take a pottery class; visit your local art museum, you name it. It will just be some time for yourself and you will for sure have fun. Plus, it’s one item you will tick off your Bucket List.


Family will always be happy to see you. Even if you visit them every single weekend. I love my family! I would like to think most people love theirs too. Home is a place where you will get free hugs and kisses, goofy conversations and some free food :-). You do not have to dress up or anything, you are fine just the way you are. If you wish, you can just buy small presents for them. Maybe a box of chocolates or show up with a bouquet of flowers. And speaking of flowers…..


Who doesn’t love a fresh bouquet of their favorite flowers? I am talking about roses, lilies (I LOVE me some lilies wooo!), tulips, marigold and all. And if the florist asks you if you want it with a card, you will tell them yes, yes you want a card. And when they ask you what you want to write on the card? Tell them ‘U R Awesome’! Every time you open that card…..well there you go!


This is not going to be a day to cry and feel envious of movie characters. Put that “When Harry met Sally” DVD back down and walk away. And don’t you dare turn to “Notting Hill”, “The Notebook”, “10 Things I Hate About You”. NOOO! Not today. Today we are going to other genres. Comedy, for example, is a good place to start. Everyone enjoys a good laugh. They are the best, and like me, do not be afraid to literally laugh out loud. There are so many great comedies out there and they will be perfect for you. Or if you are like me, and you enjoy scaring yourself then Horror it is. Yeah, sometimes I scare myself just a little bit too much and sleep with the lights on for days. And a baseball bat by my bed. Now, what ghost can I hit with a bat? *smh*


If you have a pet dog or cat then you have the best cuddle buddies! They are cute and warm…and loyal. Well..most are. But if you have other types of pets you know, like snakes, a mouse, spider and you can cuddle them, then good for you, boo. Well for some of us that are unfortunately allergic to furry friends we have cute alternatives as well. Teddy bears!!! You can hug on one tight as you watch your non-romantic movie while sipping on some wine in your cozy fresh flowers smelling home. You can use them as a pillow too.  HOWEVER, please do not attempt to talk to this stuffed toy. Then you will come from being single…to being single and crae crae (Crazy). So, a pet, a teddy, whatever suits you best as long as you don’t have your arms crossed over your chest. If all fails, your favorite softest blanket can work.

single and proud

So there it is-my list of what I would do as a single person. I just really want you guys to remember that self-love comes before loving other people. And rarely do we remember to show love to ourselves. Even if you have someone, it’s not a sin to do something for yourself too this Valentine’s day. Well, that’s just me and what I think.

Wishing you all much love xoxo.