mama boyHey everyone! What’s good? Now I have been gone for a minute, haven’t I? Well I guess life took over for a bit, but now I am back! Actually I am from a short holiday. We went to visit my in-laws for a bit. And as an African bride (daughter-in-law) I obviously didn’t so much enjoy the holiday. It is tradition that you take over the cooking in the kitchen; you take over the cleaning of the house; the laundry of the family etc. It is mandatory that you prove that your parents raised you right *sigh*. So one night, I was actually complaining to my husband that this was not the way I planned to spend my leave time away from office. We needed to go back home as soon as possible. And I was more than ready to come up with fake excuses just to leave. My husband, on the other hand, he was convinced to stay and I knew why,mams-boy.jpg! He loves his mother to bits and would do all he can to prolong our stay. I told him so but he didn’t believe me. So we settled it the best way we know how…….a test! And yes, I was right as always.

For all my gentlemen out there, some in denial like my husband, some being mama’s boys and proud. The below test is for you to find out and verify. Please do feel free to come back and tell me you results, and be honest too. Lol. GOOD LUCK 🙂

CLICK HERE to find out just how much of a mummy’s boy you are!