Hello my good people. Hope you are all well. Now, as I have mentioned before in previous articles, I am a wife and I am also a mom. My daughter is 4 years old. So last night, I let her watch just a little more cartoons because you know..refer to my previous post HERE. Besides the next day was a weekend. After the last cartoon was done, I kindly tell her “That’s enough for today, sweets. Come we say our prayers and go to bed.” And my daughter, crosses her arms and yells “No, mommy!” I gasped! I was horrified! Tears filled my eyes as I turned to my husband. And so it has began. It goes from “No” to a whole bunch of other statements that I don’t want to hear. My fears unveiling before my very eyes. I was not a bad or mischievous kid growing up, but there are some things I used to tell my mom that I am not so sure I EVER want to her from my baby!I was going crazy, I had to make a list

#1 I will be right back/I won’t be late

LateHonestly speaking, this is what I used tell my mum just out of habit. 99% of the time it was a major lie. I just had other things to do all the time. And to save myself from my mother’s lashing I used to just tell her what she wanted to hear. I gave her hope. The bad thing is that I never really even made the effort to be on time. I didn’t consider any other persons time and plans but my own. I feel so terrible now. I never want to hear this sentence from my daughter. Just in case that she will be telling white lies just like I had.

# 2 He is just a friend

his just aOh was he now? Oh dear! I have only ever been caught 3 times with a boy (all friendly scenes btw) and all the time when my mum used to ask, who is this? I used to tell her that “He is just a friend”. All three times, it was my little boyfriend of the time. Why I never really told my mother the truth, I don’t really know. Perhaps she believed that you are only allowed to date when you turn 21. As a mom, I actually think I might bump that up to 25! Every time my daughter would tell me this I think my heart will skip a bit.

#3 You are so unfair sometimes

Child, mother knows best, take this from Rapunzel’s stepmother (check her song Here) . Good mothers always have the best interest for you. I used to use this reply when my mother made decisions for my benefit. And she just did what any parent would do; set a lame curfew; get rid of clothes that showed too much skin; refused some of my friends because they were genuinely bad influences. If or rather when my daughter starts using this line to me it will literally be breaking my heart because everything I do is for her best.

#4 I am grown up now/ I am not a baby anymore

not baby realI used to use this when every time I wanted to experience something new and my mum refused. Or when she gave me advice that I thought at the time I didn’t really need. The truth is, you will always be you mother’s baby. She will always feel the need to protect you and to make sure you make all the right choices. It all comes from a good place. I’m counting down till I hear this one from my daughter. I am not looking forward to it because I know it will hurt like a dagger through the heart.

#5 I don’t care

Oh but I did. I just used to say it because……actually I don’t know why I used to say this. Whether it was school, whether it was going to visit family or anything for that matter. I shudder just at the thought of my daughter ever saying this sentence. I wish she will always have passion and just put much care into everything she does.

Like I said in the beginning, I was never a terrible kid. Just sometimes as a kid I would just act up for no reason at all. I really wish I could take back even those few times I said such things to my mum and my dad. But you know how karma is, I have been blessed with a daughter of my own. And she is growing up so fast, too fast for my liking actually. And here I am dreading those five things above. I just wish that I will always have the patience and the ever lasting love that my mummy had for me.

i love my mum