Hi people. Hope you are all good. Hope you are all well. Today, I would like to take you on a trip down memory lane. I was arguing with my Aunt just last week. She was telling me not to let my daughter watch too much cartoons. My daughter is just 4 years old, what am I suppose to let her watch? The Fate of the Furious? Cartoons paved my childhood, I loved them and still do. Yes, I am a grown woman who still loves watching cartoons occasionally. I went on and pointed out things that children learn from cartoons. I mentioned a whole bunch to her, such as the ones below….


“Heeeey, pretty momma!!”

What could you probably learn from Johnny you ask? Well he was the most confident cartoon I have ever known. He taught me to always believe in myself regardless of what the odds are. He always got up and continued moving no matter how many times he was slapped or punched. Confidence is such an important characteristic in this day and age and I would want my daughter to have that. As I remember, he also taught me to raise that single eyebrow. He was awesome!


This was such a cute cartoon for me. I used to find the obsession with the Juju balls hilarious. I learnt the value and acceptance of culture. Mike was taken to a whole new world, with a different people. Away from everything that she was used to. But she made friends in her new community. She learnt of their ways and their customs and she felt right at home. The world is full of people with different cultures, traditions and beliefs. Each group of people is just as beautiful as the next. Lu and Og were also very accommodating to Mike and accepting her as a friend. Well, maybe Og more than Lu.


Now this little pup was a life saver. He would always save either Muriel or Eustace or both. Yes, you could always see that this dog was scared, and trembled to the core but he would amazingly always sum up the courage to save people. He faced aliens, robots, weird strangers and French Speaking ducks. With courage, we can face and conquer all our fears and all that is holding us back from moving forward. With courage comes the strength that will fuel your journey. Just like how Courage always made it, you can make it too. He proved that its okay to be scared, but as people watch you quiver with fear, let them also watch you take the first step with courage!!


Mummy had a chicken, daddy had a cow! Hahahaha, what are the odds of two perfectly normal human beings having a cow and a chicken for kids? I don’t know, but all I know, all I remember is how happy this family was. Regardless of how cow and chicken were all kinds of different they still cared and loved each other. So we need to know that, siblings and parents may not always compliment each other and we all know that all families have their imperfections. We must just always learn to love our parents and siblings regardless of how different they are from us. Family is life…..cousin Boneless and all.


Yep, this little short nerdy kid taught me to embrace your talent regardless of how other people will look at you. He loved science and had the neck for inventing things. He didn’t care about what DeeDee or anybody else said. So if you are a brother who can cook incredible meals, or a lady that can lift the weight of the world, so be it. Have the confidence to see where your talent can take you. Do not let anyone tell you that it is lame; it is useless or it is nerdy. These are just people and that is what people do. You might never know, deep down they may be jealous of you.


The monsters are always just people. Yes, I paid attention and saw it like it is. Every single time the monster was just a person. A person that has set out to sabotage you. It is a person trying to slow you down or scare you away. Envious people will do anything to see you fail. Trust me people can go to extreme measures. And no, in reality they do not wear costumes or masks. They just smile in your face while they go behind your back and plot against you. That is how people can be heartless sometimes. These monsters are not strangers. They are always people you know and people who know you. Family members, friends, neighbors you name it. They pretend to to care but yet throw daggers at you the moment your back is turned. Learn to read people and try to chose who you associate with wisely.

Well, those are my lessons from a few. I think my baby will be watching cartoons as much as she wishes because I know she is learning.