coHi guys. Hope you are all well. Now I think by now y’all already now me well and how I write only about my true experience. It could be mine personally or from my family members. So when we get jobs, we usually have this vision where every thing and everyone is just perfect. You to work with a smile and leave with a smile. Sadly, that is a reality to very, and I mean very few people, the number is almost negligible. You meet characters at the office bruh, and from that you can clearly see whether your life at work is going to be a comedy, drama, or horror movie. These are the characters I star with…..still not sure of the genre of my movie though

  1. Deskmate=BFFs co-worker

I share a desk with a lady at work and from day one she has somehow assumed that since we share a desk were are automatically buddies. She follows me to lunch, to the bathroom, she shares her tofu sandwiches with me….everyday. I think it sweetish but its borderline creepy. When she starts asking about the outfit i will wear to work the next day so we can match, or escorting me home when she lives all the way across town from me. *Cough Cough* Its time for me to get a personal desk.

2. Whining Wendy

The co-worker that is NEVER happy about anything in life. She just whines and whines and whines until your ears bleed. If you hang around with them long enough you may just catch the Whining bug too and become depressed. whineIts their awful spouse, their unappreciative children, their unanswered prayers, their two timing friends! Well, dah, no one wants to be around a whiner! Its their low salary, their long hours of work, them not getting laid!! I don’t wanna hear that crap! I got my own load to deal with but I chose to suffer in silence. hell, if I let it all out people be starting a charity fund just for me. Repel this co-worker like a sour fruit.

3. Charming Chandler aka the user.

 Yep you know him. The one guy that flashes his perfect pearly white teeth at you and you are ready to sell your kidney for him. He uses his charms and looks to get sweet old people like you to do all the work for him. At the end of the day his work load is at -50 coz you felt sincere enough to help him with today’s and tomorrow’s workload. And your situation?? Let’s just say your somewhere between carrying your work home or staying at the office till morning?ch It sucks!! Like you constantly ask yourself is he genuinely very persuasive and sleek …or is he using some kind of witchcraft? Listen, here’s a trick for you, when he comes by to your desk and he flashes his perfect smile at you turn your head to the right, turn your head to the left, and turn your head to the right again. And repeat until he goes away. Remember to have your eyes closed all this time coz you need to remain strong. Looking into his pool of blue eyes will not help!

4. Invisible Amy. 

Hahahaha have you ever had a staff meeting and the boss asks if everyone is there, people do a quick head count and y’all confidently reply “yes”. Then the door squeaks and in comes the one colleague that people always forget about. They are always super quiet and have their desks at a far corner of the office. You practically never hear their voices and they are constantly having their heads down. Why?? They are super timid its unhealthy. Invisible Amys need a boost in self confidence and just genuine welcoming smile. This will straight up take care of their invisibility syndrome.

5. Boss’s pet aka Snitchsn

That one person that is always favoured by the boss even if they do…… absolutely nothing. These people can be so annoying! They know that they can get away with anything since they have the big boss on their side. They feel like they should be called boss #2 or something. Irritating little people. Usually they have nothing better to do than dig for office drama and gossip and play the snitch. No one wants to ever be around these people, but when they are they have on the most fake pasted smile. The good side is that it’s a workplace and people need to speak out whenever they feel uncomfortable. So when the snitch comes along, you have a the right to tell it like it is, you don’t appreciate their attitude and the only time you may talk to them is when it is absolutely necessary. If not they should just respect your space.

So these are the types of guys that I personally have to be around for most part of the week. Sometimes its easy but sometimes I feel like just walking out like they do in the movies. In the end all I usually do is have a woosah moment and then treat myself to a nice looooong lunch. I believe that everyone can learn to get along better once we know each others attitudes and behaviors. Which co-workers do you face at work on the daily?