mom 1

Hi guys!  Today I would like to introduce you to the different mummys on Facebook! Yes, our beloved mothers that are into the social media frenzy…..some a little more than others. There are many kinds of different mums on FB and I thought just to categorize them a bit to see on which group my own mamito falls into. I know both our moms and dads are on there but my perceptions tell me there are more moms than dads. So these are the types of Mamas that I have come across.

WannaBe BFF Mama– the type of mama that gives herself the best friend role to her daughter.  She will be liking all your pictures, posting pictures of you and her together, you know, the ones you look fab in ….and the ones you don’t. You can even let her take over the Throw Back Thursday posts for you because she got plenty to share. She will never let anyone bully you or annoy you on FB! She will tear them down and make sure they never much as peek at your wall again. Sometimes it can be suffocating and embarrassing when she friend requests all your friends too. This is the sorta mama that we ignore at times and absolutely love sometimes

Paranoia Mama– the mama that believes that all social media is Satan’s playground. She believes that every person that sends you a friend request is either a stalker, pedophile, serial killer or all the above. momShe has trust issues with all the unfamiliar faces that pop up on your posts and pictures that she does not know. It can be really difficult to explain to her that if one takes the right precautions Facebook is pretty safe. With this mom, be ready to take taekwondo classes and get Mace with all your Christmas and birthday presents throughout the year. She trusts no one and that ain’t going to change anytime soon.

I-can-be-17-again-mama– Yoh, I know y’all know what I am talking about. I am talking about the situations where your friends can’t tell the difference between you and your mom! She is all up in FB doing exactly if not more than what you are doing. Gossiping and posting funny GIFs or memes, posting bathroom selfies; using that slang like WTF or YOLO! I mean, Facebook is not a time portal people. You have to unfortunately act your age. Not cool mama, not cool.

Another-platform-to-discipline-you mama– Constant curses and screams is all you get from this one. It’s like she doesn’t believe actual face to face conversations anymore and instead takes to FB to yell at you and call you out. And she does this in the middle of the most random post. Like I mean, you couldn’t just tell me to take out the trash in person? Heck you could have even texted me but no, you had to put me on glass so that all my FB friends would know I forgot to do my chore? Really ma? Not cool.


I’m-not-here mama– Yep the invisible one, the one mom most people would wish to have. She is never all up in your wall and harassing your friend requesters. She is simply invisible. She takes to her own life on Facebook and interacts with only her own social circle. She stays clear off your radar and you barely notice she is there.  But tread softly because we all know she is up in there reading all your posts and stuff cause yeah she is a mom. Some call it giving you your own space, but others might say that it would be nice to share a photo or poke each other once in a while. C’mon ma, we can share the spotlight….as long as you don’t shine too much.

Perfect FB Mama– The mom we all wish we could have. She is like a normal Facebook user. She does the normal FB things. She comments, likes, shares tags you normally, just like how any of your sisters or friends might, (well not exactly exactly). fb momBut this mama never embarrasses you intentionally; she supports your positive statuses and has all your friends wishing they had a mom like yours. A mama that actually knows how to private message you when she sees or reads something she does not approve of. She is the coolest and the best and has the hang of what Facebook really means.

With all the above, I think it’s safe to guess where your mummy falls under. But regardless of her FB class, we still love them unconditionally. They may not be Facebook savvy but they sure got the hang of being a treasure to all of us! Love all the mamas out there…xoxo