prettyHi guys, let me teach you a new thing I discovered. ‘Did you know that your level of bitchiness is inversely proportional to your beauty when you have Brazilian weaves,  foundation and Chanel perfumes and other material things as constants?’ In simpler terms “The nastier your attitude, the uglier you get”. I know some time somewhere you might have experienced this equation in person. Remember that time when you saw this beautiful lady walking along the street? She was like a goddess…until you bumped into her by accident and she opened her foul mouth and started spitting out venom! For me, in such situations, people turn from the beautiful Tyra Banks to the Grinch in nano seconds. When she starts hauling out those curses and sneering at you, admit it you see beyond her fake lashes and butt and see her like she truly is…UGLY.       

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It is sad that this happens so often, I meet ugly people everyday! I met one just last week, at a client’s office. She was at the front desk. My first vision, Christina Milian look-a-like with her perfect brows, her glossy lips and maxi dress. Until I asked for assistance! Just an innocent smile and polite hello turned her into one of the oaks from The lord of the Rings!

pretty two

=ugly 3



She clicked her tongue and rolled her eyes at me while giving me the visitors’ book to sign! Why? What did I do? It’s your job to attend to me, isn’t it? Really guys, just because you are caked in makeup and dressed in killer outfits it will not hide your true ugliness. It is not sufficient to suppress all your nastiness and funky attitudes. The moment people are like


know that you have successfully revealed the dragon underneath all that MAC concealer and “Dollypink” powder blush! Some ladies then go ahead and start straightening their wigs and applying their gloss and I am like “You don’t need more makeup! You need to google for your nearest Exorcist or something cause the way your face contorted right now just ain’t right!”

*Sigh* The only solution is to be beautiful inside and out. Then you will see, that sometimes you don’t even need the makeup and all that glitters and gold. Your inner beauty will radiate all the way to the outside.All the material things will just be adding an extra sometimes not necessary oomph! Well, at least that is what LadyChi thinks. You?