sma    Okay Okay now this is something that I just had to share. I want to know if I am the only one that thinks it is totally ridiculous. We are in the era of smartphones, I will be an idiot to deny that fact. These things got us walking and sitting around like zombies. smpfThey help us in so many ways and they definitely get the work done. They have everything on them that can entertain us better than the life that is going on around us. This includes, “Social Networks”; the murderers of actual face-to-face conversations and the killers of the true meaning of socializing. If you aint tweeting, you are chatting on whatsapp, if you aint chatting you are browsing and liking them photos on Facebook, or better yet, you are uploading yours on Instagram. That’s for the youngsters, as for the old folks, people are checking their e-mails, people are always reading people’s profiles on LinkedIn. Hey it never stops! But I am led to believe that although these smartphone-obssessed individulas exist there are also people that don’t live in the network, they barely exist in the net world. People like me. People who can still function if they happen to forget their phones at home;those who can still get through the day even if they had their phone stolen; those who don’t burst into tears because they got only one retweet in the last hour. And we are perfectly normal. I mean yeah we pop into them sites and networks from time to time because we do not live under rocks, but it is just that our immune systems happen to work a little better in stopping us from becoming full blown addicts. smartp 2However, there are these funny individuals that don’t really get it that you are perfectly normal if you live through a minute without having your eyes glued to your phone screen. I mean they crack me up. I swear I have seen people do this on countless occasions, this is the sequence –opens gallery-scrolls first five pics-closes gallery-goes to alarm settings-puts on alarm-puts off alarm- checks messages (nothing new)-checks FB (no new status)-goes to notifications (no new notifications)- starts rearranging the apps icons (things move from left to right then back again-goes to twitter-writes an entire sentence only to erase it all and quit-starts the sequence all over again. WHY!!!!!!! You are from work, probably tired as hell, take some time to relax and appreciate the cool breeze that is caressing your face. When was the last time you looked up at the stars? Take a look around you, spot the idiots that are pretending to busy on their phones and have yourself a good laugh. Your child is trying to tie their own shoe laces did you notice? I did that is why I bent down and helped them out while you were liking pictures on Insta. So yeah, on those rare moments when your phone is not beeping or vibrating take a look around, appreciate life and smile. Well, at least that is what I think you should do… On which end do you see yourself?